Why Replace Brake Hardware

It is important to inspect and replace brake hardware with every brake repair job. Doing so ensures optimal, reliable brake performance and provides added confidence that the brake job was done right. There are a number of important benefits to doing so.

Restores Brake
System to
“Like New”

Independent testing shows that replacing old brake hardware with new ensures that the brakes are restored to “like new” condition for more reliable performance and safer driving. In fact, reusing the old brake hardware on a brake repair can prevent the system from working optimally and may result in irritating brake noise in excess of 70 decibels. That’s as loud as a household vacuum cleaner.

It’s Easy
and Affordable

When you are already set to perform a brake repair, keep in mind it only takes a few extra minutes to install new brake hardware. Not only is it quick and efficient, it’s an inexpensive decision that protects new pads and rotors and ensures a complete brake job.

It Protects
the Investment

Using new quality brake hardware can extend the life of a brake system and helps to reduce brake noise, brake drag, soft pedal feel and uneven brake wear. What’s more, using old brake hardware likely will result in having to replace your brakes sooner than with new hardware. According to brake experts, because a vehicle typically requires three brake jobs during its years on the road, using new quality brake hardware with each brake repair can save upwards of $1,000 over the life of the vehicle*.

*Source: The Family Handyman Magazine website, Vehicle Repairs article.